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Message from our spokesman

Allotment Prizes

Greyhope Road plotters consolidated their successes of last year with 3 prizes from the Best Allotment category of the City's Aberdeen In Bloom competition. Jack Stuart modestly took first prize again, against stiff competition from across the city's 20+ allotment sites.  Brian Gilchrist came a very creditable 3rd and bears no grudges against Jack. Congratulations to Scott Robertson for his 5th place and award of Best Newcomer.  Honourable mentions too to Mike Leys and Cath Bamlett, and Ian Anderson for entering. It's all good clean fun of course, but apart from the recognition of the individual efforts that these plotholders have put in, I think it is good for all of us, and especially new plotters, in showing what can be done.

Allotment Vegetable Stall

Next week (Thursday 6 Oct) will be the last pick-up of the year for the stalls. It's too early to say how much the Greyhope and Tullos Crescent sites have generated in cash but certainly well in excess of last year. Please use the last week to contribute any excess produce you may have. Thanks to everyone who has been able to make a contribution so far. What has been donated is certainly appreciated by customers and the small amount that is not sold at the stalls on Friday and Saturday does  go to the food bank so be assured nothing is wasted.

The Aberdeen Allotment Vegetable Stall will be running until mid-October. The initiative is expanding to three sites this year as follows: on Fridays at Duthie Park and Seaton Park and on Saturdays at Hazelhead Park. The stalls will be open from approximately 10.00 to 3.00.

To recap, and especially for new plotters, the The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) is a charitable initiative which aims to 'reduce waste, reduce food miles and so improve our local environment. TAMS also aim to improve access to locally grown vegetables and fruit that is seasonal and fresh from the allotments of Aberdeen by running market stalls.' In addition to these aims, the individual allotment sites benefit from receiving 80% of the revenue from the produce returned for the general benefit of the site. (Under allotment letting rules it is not possible for individual plotters to sell their produce.) It was this pooled revenue that funded the purchase of seed potatoes for everyone this Spring. For more detailed information please see: 

1. The scheme aims to avoid excess vegetable production being wasted. Therefore no-one who has no excess production should feel under any pressure to donate produce.

2. Those who donate accept that the proceeds of donations will benefit everyone, including those who are unable to donate for one reason or another.

Right, the practicalities. If you would like to donate items, baskets will be left beside the notice-board nearest the car park at the Greyhope Road site and near the gate at Tullos Crescent. To make things easier for the TAMS team it would be helpful if you could observe the following:

1. Bag all items if possible.

2. If not obvious, please put in a wee label/note with details of vegetable name or variety (e.g. especially potatoes)

3. For very perishable stuff like lettuce, leave root on and wrap in wee bag.

4. As well as the obvious fruit and vegetables, the following can be sold on the stall: seedlings, plants in pots, herbs, cut flowers, rooted cuttings, etc.

5. If you would like to donate but perhaps only come to your allotment at weekends - well ahead of collection day - please get in touch to see if we can help sort something out.

To add to the incentive of making this a success both for TAMS and for our own allotment sites, it might help to have ideas on how we might spend the proceeds of our donations.

Feel free to let us know your ideas.

Happy gardening

Ian Baird
Mob.: 07511 006368